I Have No Tomatoes

I Have No Tomatoes 1.5

Splat as many tomatoes as possible


  • Easy to pick-up and play
  • Good soundtrack


  • Only 10 levels
  • Generally too easy


At first glance, I Have No Tomatoes might look like a Pacman-style game with tomatoes but it's actually a variation of Bomberman.

The game takes a 3D plan perspective view of the maze, where your task is to avoid or bomb the other tomatoes that chase you. The default controls are the cursor keys, which can be a bit awkward to control your hero with - but you can change these in the menu options. The aim is to blow up as many of your opponents as you can by planting bombs. Each level is limited to 60 seconds of gameplay. Alternatively, you can team up with a friend to take on the tomatoes together.

The only real aim to the game is to blow up as many tomatoes as possible, but if you don't manage to detonate many, it doesn't seem to stop you from moving onto the next level. If you get caught by another tomato, the only thing that happens is that you 're-spawn' and are back in action within minutes. I Have No Tomatoes is backed by a pumping, albeit slightly out of place, soundtrack but the fact that there doesn't seem to be any major penalizations, and that there are only 10 levels, limits its long term appeal.

I Have No Tomatoes is an original slant on the Bomberman genre, although it holds only short term appeal..

I Have No Tomatoes


I Have No Tomatoes 1.5

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